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How To Import Easyworship To Propresenter

Churches Need Presentation Software

 Easyworship To Propresenter

The importance of having a presentation software program in a church can vary depending on the specific goals and needs of the congregation. However, in the modern age, presentation software has become a valuable tool for many churches and can offer several benefits. Here are some reasons why having a presentation software program can be important for a church:

Enhanced Worship Experience

Presentation software allows churches to display lyrics, scripture verses, and visuals on screens, making it easier for congregants to participate in worship services. This enhances the overall worship experience, making it more engaging and inclusive.

Clear Communication

Presentation software helps the pastor or speaker deliver messages more effectively by providing visual aids and sermon notes. This can improve communication and comprehension among the congregation.

Media Integration

Many churches use multimedia elements like videos, images, and audio in their services. Presentation software seamlessly incorporates these media into presentations, enhancing the message and worship experience.

Scripture Display

For churches that focus on the reading and study of scripture, presentation software is invaluable for displaying verses and passages, ensuring accuracy and making it easier for everyone to follow along.

Organization and Planning

Presentation software often includes tools for organizing worship services, planning songs, and scheduling presentations. This streamlines the planning process and helps ensure that services run smoothly.


Presentation software can make church services more accessible to individuals with disabilities. For example, it can display closed captions for the hearing impaired or provide visual aids for those with visual impairments.

Engagement of Youth and Children

Many churches use presentation software to engage younger members of the congregation, such as children and youth, by incorporating interactive elements and visually appealing content.


Presentation software helps maintain a consistent look and feel across various services and events, contributing to the overall branding and identity of the church.


Using presentation software can save time and effort in creating and managing presentations. It allows for quick editing and updating of content, reducing the stress of last-minute changes.


Some presentation software programs offer the ability to record and archive past services and sermons, making it easier for members to access previous messages and teachings.

It’s important to note that while presentation software can provide numerous benefits, its implementation should align with the goals and traditions of the church. Some smaller or more traditional congregations may find that they can achieve their objectives without using presentation software. In such cases, a simpler approach to worship may be preferred.

 Easyworship To Propresenter

What is ProPresenter?

ProPresenter is a powerful presentation software developed by Renewed Vision. It is designed for a wide range of applications, including houses of worship, conferences, live events, and educational settings. ProPresenter is known for its versatility and ability to create visually stunning multimedia presentations.

Key Features of ProPresenter

Multi-Screen Capabilities

One of ProPresenter’s standout features is its support for multiple screens. Users can simultaneously display different content on various screens, making it ideal for churches and event venues with complex multimedia requirements.

Media Integration

ProPresenter seamlessly integrates with various media types, including images, videos, audio, and live camera feeds. This allows for the creation of engaging presentations that incorporate diverse media elements.

Stage Display

ProPresenter offers a stage display feature that provides speakers, pastors, or presenters with notes, countdowns, and slide previews to help them deliver their content effectively.

Interactive Elements

It supports interactive elements like live annotations, audience response systems, and social media integration, which can be especially useful for engaging audiences during live events.

User-Friendly Interface

ProPresenter boasts an intuitive user interface that is relatively easy to learn, making it accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise.

Scripture Integration

It includes robust tools for displaying scripture verses and lyrics, making it a popular choice for religious organizations.

What is EasyWorship?

EasyWorship is another widely used church presentation software developed by Softouch Development, Inc. Like ProPresenter, EasyWorship is designed to assist users in creating visually appealing and engaging presentations tailored to religious services and events.

 Easyworship To Propresenter

Key Features of EasyWorship

Worship Planning

EasyWorship offers tools for planning worship services, including the ability to organize songs, scripture verses, and media files in a structured manner.

Media Library

Users can easily access and manage a comprehensive media library, allowing for quick insertion of songs, videos, images, and more into presentations.

Text Editing

EasyWorship provides extensive text editing capabilities, making it simple to customize fonts, sizes, colors, and formatting for slides containing lyrics, scripture verses, and messages.

Remote Control

It offers a remote control app that allows presenters to control the presentation from a mobile device, enhancing flexibility during live events.

Song Database

EasyWorship maintains a database of songs and their lyrics, simplifying the process of finding and adding hymns or worship songs to presentations.

Integration with CCLI

It seamlessly integrates with CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International) SongSelect, making it easier for churches to access licensed song lyrics.

Differences Between ProPresenter and EasyWorship

While both ProPresenter and EasyWorship serve as valuable tools for enhancing presentations in religious and live event settings, there are notable differences between the two:

User Interface

ProPresenter is often praised for its modern and visually appealing user interface, which makes it easier for users to create sophisticated presentations. In contrast, EasyWorship has a simpler interface that some users may find more straightforward.

Multi-Screen Support

ProPresenter offers advanced multi-screen capabilities, making it a preferred choice for venues with complex presentation needs. EasyWorship, while supporting dual displays, may not be as versatile in this regard.

Interactive Elements

ProPresenter excels in providing interactive features, such as live annotations and social media integration, which can be invaluable for live events and conferences. EasyWorship may not offer as extensive interactive capabilities.

Media Integration

Both software solutions support media integration, but ProPresenter is often considered more flexible and powerful in this aspect, allowing for seamless integration of various media types.


The pricing models for ProPresenter and EasyWorship differ. ProPresenter tends to be more expensive upfront but offers a wider range of features. EasyWorship, on the other hand, may be a more cost-effective option for smaller organizations with basic presentation needs.

Ease of Use

While ProPresenter has an intuitive interface, some users may find EasyWorship simpler to navigate, especially if they have limited technical expertise.

Transfer From Easyworship To Proporesenter

While there is no way to make this transition easily, you could try a manual approach to transfer your data from EasyWorship to ProPresenter by following these general steps:

Export Data from EasyWorship

In EasyWorship, export your songs, presentations, scriptures, and any other data you want to transfer in a format that can be easily imported into ProPresenter. This could include exporting as CSV (Comma-Separated Values) files or using a common file format like PowerPoint (.pptx) for presentations.

Prepare Data for Import

Review the exported data and make any necessary adjustments to ensure compatibility with ProPresenter. You may need to reformat or organize your data to match ProPresenter’s requirements.

Import into ProPresenter

Open ProPresenter and use its import functionality to bring in your prepared data. The specific steps for importing data will vary depending on the type of data you’re working with (e.g., songs, presentations, scriptures).

For songs, you can typically import lyrics and metadata. You may need to re-create slides or import individual slides from PowerPoint files.

Be sure to follow ProPresenter’s import instructions and options to ensure a smooth transition.

Check and Adjust

After importing the data, carefully review it within ProPresenter to ensure that everything is correctly formatted and organized. Make any necessary adjustments or corrections.

Test and Rehearse

Before using ProPresenter in a live setting, thoroughly test your presentations and songs to ensure they work as expected. Rehearse your worship services to become familiar with the new setup.

Please keep in mind that the process of migrating from EasyWorship to ProPresenter may require some technical expertise and may not be seamless. Planning the transition carefully and allowing for adequate time to ensure a smooth shift to the new software is essential. Additionally, since software capabilities and compatibility can change over time, you may want to check for any updates or migration tools provided by the developers of both software programs for more recent solutions.

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